A Quick Guide to Phi Phi Island

On Phi Phi IslandYour day trip to Phi Phi Island will give you a taste of what to do during a longer stay on the Island, enjoy your free time after lunch for shopping, possibly a cool drink in one of the many beach bars, relax and let the world drift by.
If you intend to come to Phi Phi and stay a few days remember you can book Phi Phi Cruiser for one way or round trip cruises.
Phi Phi Island offers some fantastic water sports including diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on the visitors list of things to do as the warm waters around the island are teaming with schools of harmless fish and beautiful corals. Masks, flippers and snorkels can be rented from many travel or dive shops, they will also help you find the best locations to suit your experience at the time you are there.

A great way to explore the island from the sea is by sea kayak and there are organized tours to guide you around the island.
For the less strenuous hire a long tail boat and  do some island hopping you can visit Phi Phi Ley Island, Bamboo Island, Mosquito island or just visit some of the beautiful beaches on Phi Phi Don.
Phi Phi officially has no motorised transport, though there are a few motorcycles with sidecars for goods and construction material transport. Your luggage will be taken by wheelbarrow from the pier to your hotel in the Tonsai bay area. Walking is then the main mode of transport unless you take a longtail boat.

Many bars on Phi Phi Island